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Nepal Sliding Doors

Description of the space

Elegant exterior for an entrance hall. Wooden interiors with exclusive dovetail drawers. Finishes with a high degree of demand inside and outside.
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Technical description

Door with built-in handle. Without metal profiles seen in its enclosure. Ideal for any space: entrance, bedroom, hallway ...  

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: Sliding door C007 Nepal with oak wood finish. Door track equal to 76mm. Cherry finish, combined with different glasses.
Colors: Molding, counter molding and central divisions of the door in Cherry color BZ004CE. Different varnishes that give other colors to the cherry, for example: BZ001CE, BZ003CE, BZ005CE, BZ008CE, BZ011CE, BZ014CE, BZ029CE, BZ031CE.


Material: Door C007 Nepal with front FC010, it is a front with 2 horizontal divisions and glass. In this case all the divisions and partitions are with wood, in cherry.
Colors: Combination of two types of glass. Matte silver moon glass at the bottom and top along with mocha colored glass at the center. Matte moon glass belongs to group V1. Its reference is CE006MA. Moka Brillo glass belongs to the V2 group. Its reference is CL023BR.

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