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NAO Dressing Room

Description of the space

"U" dressing room from the Nao series. Its features are the sides set back from the shelves for a full view of the entire content. Possibility of Dressing Room from Class Wardrobes without door.
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Technical description

Nao dressing room, without doors. Lacquered shelves and drawer fronts in champagne color, combine the textures and colors, your clothes will be part of the decoration.

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: Solid construction, 30mm thick bases with 200mm set back sides to access the entire interior of the cabinet. Different finishes in dark gray lacquered bases and shelves, drawer fronts and interiors in champagne color.
Colors: Interior and drawer fronts in champagne color ME003. Availability of various colors ME001, ME002, ME004 ... The lacquered color is SD001 Dark Gray, availability of all colors in the color range. Some references are: SD030, SD031, SD032, SD033, SD040, SD035, SD039, SD034, SD008, SD010, SD037, SD026, SD020, SD015.

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