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Living 1

The "lounge with built-in desk" is an interior design solution that combines a seating or entertainment area with a functional workspace within the same room. The choice of warm materials such as knotted wood and white color create a cozy and attractive space for both work and rest. This configuration is especially useful in homes where space is limited or where greater flexibility is sought in the use of a room.
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Living 2

This design produces a linear optical effect, thanks to the arrangement of columns and other elements present in the space. This effect is accentuated with the choice of materials and reliefs, which contribute to the creation of an enveloping and welcoming atmosphere. The wood finish with a darker grain provides elegance and sophistication, which is reinforced by the visual contrast generated with other relief materials present in the composition.
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Living 3

The black finish, predominant on the furniture doors, adds a sophisticated touch to the room. At the same time, the brushstrokes of the Nordic finish create a visual contrast and add warmth to the space. The minimalist design and careful choice of materials provide a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere to the space.
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Living 4

This design is characterized by its suspended furniture, giving greater space to the space. The furniture selection is minimal, which contributes to a more aesthetic and simple design, highlighting its functionality. The choice of materials such as Nordic wood with its neutral color range reflects the simplicity and elegance of the composition.
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Living 5

The cubed arrangement of the living room furniture creates a sensation of volume and depth in the space, achieving a very attractive three-dimensional effect. Furthermore, the color combination used in this design provides a visual balance to the whole, thanks to the contrast between light and dark tones.
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Living 6

The furniture that makes up this design is made up of rectangular cubes, providing a feeling of depth and originality, as well as order and structure, which is reinforced by the choice of finishes and materials present in the composition.
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Living 7

The use of geometric shapes to create an attractive design, and the importance of continuity in the composition to achieve a feeling of visual unity, make this a unique space.
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Living 8

The relief finishes have an interesting visual effect; when light falls on them, they create shadows and highlight the relief of the surface, causing the effect of texture and adding depth. The chromatic range used, anodyne green, a soft and relaxing tone, which combines perfectly with the Nordic wood, giving luminosity and freshness to the entire space.
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Living 9

The U-shaped arrangement of the tall furniture creates a feeling of continuity and harmony in the space, providing continuity and harmony in the space, giving the design visual balance. The Nordic style used in wood, with its grain and tones add naturalness and warmth to the environment.
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Living 10

The inclusion of materials such as marble and grained wood adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decoration of the space.
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Living 11

Living room composition composed of an open shelving unit that is joined and complemented by shelves, giving the feeling of continuous unity to the whole. The choice of a color range in which black and knotted wood predominate creates an interesting aesthetic contrast, giving the space a sophisticated and modern appearance.
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Living 12

Innovative and minimalist design, focused on taking advantage of the maximum possible space. The Z-shaped structure of the wall unit is a very clever solution that adds visual interest and offers different storage areas. The white color, predominant in the composition, combined with Nordic wood, provides a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity to the space, very elegant and subtle.
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Living 13

Living room composition with a very balanced and continuous distribution, which allows the desk to be integrated into the space in an elegant and functional way. The choice of materials and finishes, as well as the arrangement of the elements, are key to achieving a harmonious and balanced composition in the design.
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Living 14

The composition of this living room presents a minimalist design, in which harmony can be seen in the symmetry and arrangement of the suspended elements. The use of the gray and blue color combination generates a sober and modern atmosphere, while the contrast with the wood provides quality and naturalness to the space.
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Living 15

Living room composition structured in geometric shapes, which creates a sensation and visual harmony. The open elements and suspended columns provide lightness to the entire composition. The combination of cement with anthracite gives the design a fresh and contemporary appearance.
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