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Kitchen Grup

Kitchen Grup

Kitchen Grup is a Spanish manufacturer of kitchens, cabinets, dressing rooms and bathrooms. Its headquarters are in the province of León, although it has Partners throughout the national territory. In the 21st century, KG is at the forefront of production systems thanks to the complete and sophisticated manufacturing and product development department.

KG's mission is to offer high quality and innovative products to our customers to achieve a durable product. Kitchen Grup has an extraordinary variety of materials and finishes that respond perfectly to every need. KG products are manufactured with highly qualified design and technologies, using different selected materials in a wide range of colors and types. Distribution strategy is one of the keys to success of Kitchen Grup products.

We are present in specialized stores, studios and various decorators offer our product. Two of the lines of the good KG distribution system have been launched to verify the quality of our brand and consumers. The narrow distribution of points in Spain favors the analysis of our kitchens to the largest number of potential buyers.


Kitchen Grup history tour since 1932.
Blas Posada is born in the León town of Riego de la Vega. Father of five male children.
Blas Posada begins his professional activity with a sawmill. He is mainly dedicated to carpentry and joinery, always linked to the world of wood until his death.
The wood in these years was bought on campus, oak auctions were taken in many places in the Castilian geography from Viforcos to Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa. In these first years, the wood was cut with an ax and a saw. In addition to the world of wood, Blas buys two trucks, one of them with a crane (there were none in the region like this one) and is also dedicated to transportation.
Only one of his five children continues in the world of wood, José Luis Posada, who, as of this date, leaves the sawmill, since wood is no longer used in the construction of houses and specializes in carpentry and cabinetmaking. It manufactures doors, windows, wardrobes for rooms, kitchens, beds ...
The presence of the third generation brings with it a great leap in manufacturing. The introduction of new machinery makes work less manual and much more mechanical. Thanks to the introduction of sliding table saws, presses… The specialization in kitchen furniture begins from then on.
In this year a vertiginous change takes place thanks to the acquisition of a numerical control, one of the first in Spain, purchased in Italy. From this moment on, automation, without losing an iota of quality, is greater.
There is a significant expansion in the factory. Sectioning machines, automatic presses, production lines ... and even a varnishing robot are incorporated. Thus, the lacquering and varnishing section is automated. In addition, machinery is introduced to carry out all the dovetail drawers.
The fourth generation implements an important computer system that ensures that all production is sent with great precision and speed from the factory's headquarters.
Despite already existing as a furniture factory, specialists in kitchens, our brand is renamed Kitchen Grup and has now become a reference in the kitchen world and our products are present in many places in the Spanish geography.
In 2017, KG launched three well-differentiated series in the kitchen world: NOVA, ELEGANCE AND EMOTION.


Distribution strategy is one of the keys to the success of Kitchen Grup products.

These are two of the lines of the good distribution system that KG has launched to verify the quality of our brand and consumers: the perfect distribution of points of sale in Spain favors the analysis of our kitchens to the greatest number of potential buyers and, the preparation of resellers, trained to meet all customer requirements with the most appropriate tools and great pre and post sales service.

Our low 2-year ICD rating and a high number of new product launches each year, with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers, makes management very proud of our work.

Why Kitchen Grup

Details of the philosophy that characterizes us as a company.

Company Culture

Offer high quality products to our clients.

To be number one in the world of kitchen manufacturing in Spain.




The quality for Kitchen Grup consists in the use of quality materials, created with a durable style, so that its value is comparable to the quality of the product.

One of the great advantages that the choice of a KG product implies is the conviction of having acquired quality, which today is achieved with very advanced technology, exhaustive industrial process and optimal materials.

KG deeply controls the quality of its products, making sure of the satisfaction of its customers. All the activities of the company: production, tests, design ... are carried out with exquisite criteria.


In the manufacture of a KG kitchen, the best existing technologies are used with the aim of reducing the environmental impact, as well as increasing safety.

You can avoid risks for adults and children by following these tips:


  • Avoid leaving knives within the reach of children.
  • Do not overload the furniture.
  • Follow the instructions on your appliances
  • Keep cleaning products or dangerous products out of the reach of children.
  • Trust qualified personnel with tubes approved for the corresponding gas installations.
  • Do not use electrical appliances in wet areas or near the sink.

  • Place the refrigerator in the coolest place in the kitchen, leaving a space of at least 10 cm behind, above and below the appliance to facilitate good ventilation.
  • Adjust the fridge thermostat according to the ambient temperature. Inside it, remember that the coldest area is the bottom.
  • Do not overfill the freezer or refrigerator as a higher load may increase consumption.
  • Opt for new generation ovens that save up to 20% energy.
  • Do not put hot products in the freezer or refrigerator as this can increase energy consumption and alter the temperature of the rest of the products stored there.
  • Check that the hob is well adjusted.
  • Only turn on the oven when you are going to use it as it consumes a lot of energy.
  • Do not leave lights on if they are not needed
  • Rationally use the range hood and regularly clean the range hood filters as they will increase their performance.
  • Select the correct program for your washing machine.
  • Properly place the dishes in the dishwasher and use the most economical wash for lightly soiled dishes.
  • You should regularly clean the dishwasher filter for the best efficiency of your appliance.

  • Don't leave taps open unnecessarily.
  • Check that the taps are closed properly avoiding dripping.
  • Periodically descale the faucet filter.
  • Avoid using the dishwasher if it is not full.
  • Do not exceed the detergent doses recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Do not use more detergent than necessary, sometimes enough with a clean cloth.
    Fully load the dishwasher.

  • Reuse the shopping bag as much as possible.
  • Please recycle as much as possible.
  • Use rechargeable batteries that pollute less.
  • If you renew your kitchen, go to the authorized centers in your city or town and, if possible, try to separate the components that can be recycled to facilitate selective collection. Pay special attention to electrical and electronic equipment (called WEEE), which may very well contain harmful materials.


Kitchen Grup has an extraordinary variety of materials and finishes so that the kitchen responds perfectly to every need.

KG kitchens are manufactured with highly qualified design and technologies, using different selected materials in a wide range of colors and types.

  • Laminates: Our laminates are made up of high grammage melamine paper, high density fiber and chipboard offering a smooth finish. It has a wide range of colors and can be printed with a design.
  • Lacquered Laminates: Our laminates are made of high grammage melamine paper, high density fiber and chipboard offering a smooth finish. It incorporates a lacquer in the last layer offering a matte or gloss finish.
  • Polylaminates: On a MDF board, a sheet of polylaminate is adhered, covering both the edges and the front, which allows the shape of the board to be covered.
  • Laminates: A laminate sheet covers the chipboard. It allows to create shiny finishes, thanks to the fact that the melamine has a greater thickness than that of the laminates.
  • Extruded polymers.
  • Veneered wood: It consists of a chipboard covered with a natural wood veneer. The doors are flat and the edges veneered with moisture-proof wood.
  • Solid Wood: It is made up of solid wood bars joined together, then they are treated, allowing moldings and shapes to be made.
  • Lacquers: On a DM board, several layers are applied to the edges and both sides of the board. The finish can be matte or gloss.
  • Porcelain: It consists of a ceramic board that allows to incorporate an aluminum profile to form a door. Thanks to its technical characteristics it avoids any type of scratch, burn ...


Kitchen Group has a series of measures that guarantee the characteristics of its products. Many of them are controlled through visual inspections, others instead require laboratory tests and quality control.

Every year Kitchen Grup performs more than a hundred laboratory tests on its materials and products. All our production has optimal durability certificates for our series.

Our brand uses technologically tested and highly reliable materials, which allows us to achieve quality standards and achieve optimal results at the national level.


KG carries out a strict control of the electrical energy consumption that the company carries out continuously and invests in technology in order to avoid waste.

KG has large filtration systems that reduce the emitted substances that pollute the atmosphere.

Reducing the amount of waste is one of the goals of the Kitchen Grup. For this reason, the company carries out careful selective collection in its establishments, also recovering materials that can be reused.

KG avoids waste of water as much as possible since water resources are limited.

Kitchen Grup works with suppliers that supply high quality, environmentally friendly printing paper. It also has a document digitizing system that exhaustively reduces paper waste.

Kitchen Grup