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Classic flap

Description of the space

"This white swing door model subtracts classicism and adds a touch of modernity and elegance to the bedroom."
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Technical description

Brigthon door made of open-pore lacquered oak and the central doors have a matte glass incorporated.

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: Solid Oak
Colors: Silk Lacquer with Process, Open pore. Different colors, some of them are: SD007P1RN, SD019P1RN, SD028P1RN, SD035P1RN


Material: Door P022 Brighton Solid Oak with front FB009, Matte glass at the top and ceiling lamp at the bottom.
Colors: Different glass groups: V1, V2 and V3. This glass belongs to the V1 group, specifically it is the CM016 Silk. Another option in the same style line could be to place beveled, transparent or matte glass corresponding to CV001 and CV002 belonging to the V2 group.

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