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Description of the space

"Peninsula Kitchen allows an informal space to eat every day, very close, a spacious dining room for dinners with guests and special occasions. Do not miss anything while you are in the kitchen."
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Technical description

Completely modern classic kitchen that is framed within a vintage style. Oak hardwood lacquered in a light, ice gray color with a process of wear that highlights the grain of the wood in a copper tone.

All spaces are built with the same P022 BRIGTHON door. Different areas are customized with different fronts.

Dark glossy countertop contrasts with light, translucent furniture.

Cabinet Furniture:

Superior furniture with a showcase allows a feeling of spaciousness that added to the light color gives light to the space. Different showcases for different spaces and furniture. Showcases in tall furniture with front FB011 and countertops with front FB004.

Kitchen with handle:

Kitchen with classic TR077 handle in aged brass.

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: Solid Oak Normal
Colors: In this case SD029 lacquer on normal oak with Process P1, marbled or worn effect. Multiple possibilities; different lacquers with the same process: SD007P1RN, SD028P1RN, SD030P1RN, SD031P1RN, SD035P1RN.


Material: Different showcase furniture. Tall Furniture with front FB011 Double cross showcase Countertop FB004 Frame Showcase.
Colors: The glass in the different showcases is the same, corresponds to CM017 belonging to group V1. Matte Translucent Glass, a regular glass. It can be played with different transparencies, colors and textures of the glass. Within this same range we have a wide range, for example: CM004, CM006, CM010.

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