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Description of the space

"Eclectic kitchen, rustic style combined with purist white and industrial type showcases. Walnut finish highlighting the perfect natural knots accompanying black and white"
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Technical description

Eclectic cuisine suitable for any environment. Walnut hardwood that reveals its natural knots, primary colors such as pure white and slate black.

White top with gloss, continues with a table made of the same material as the knotted Walnut columns.

Low Furniture:

All base units are built with the same P020 UTCA door. The different areas are personalized with different finishes, in the space of the island a dark color, slate black and opposite the color SD040 Pure White.

Cabinet Furniture:

Tall furniture with a showcase allows a feeling of spaciousness. Showcase P082 EPSILON with black aluminum finish and mesh glass that provides a screen between the outside and inside of the cabinet. Inside, laterally we have integrated lighting that allows us to see the entire bottom of the furniture.

Column Furniture:

The columns have the P018 NAOMA door in a knotty Walnut finish.

Kitchen with and without handles:

The P082 EPSILON showcase door has a built-in handle, the base units are opened through the Gola system and the columns have a push opening.

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: Walnut Knots
Colors: Varnishes BZ Walnut Knots

P020 UTCA:

Material: High Pressure Fiber
Colors: In this case it uses lacquer SD040 PURE WHITE and SD028 ANTHRACITE MATT. Kitchen grup has a wide range of colors: SD032, SD033, SD035, SD039, SD034, SD008, SD010, SD037, SD026, SD020, SD015 ...


Material: Matte Black Aluminum
Colors: In this case a large grille is used with reference: CD035BR, but we also have a smaller one CD034BR or if you prefer different glasses, smokes, smoked tones lighter CT001 or darker CT002.

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Kitchen Grup