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Description of the space

Kitchen with peninsula open to the living room and with differentiation of spaces. Arrangement of the appropriate elements for a practical organization and easy to work comfortably. Cooking and refrigeration columns on the right of the image, storage, lighting and decorative columns on the top and work area on the "L" counter to share with all your work. On the left is a living space, where you can wait for food, have a snack with friends or rest after a long day at work. Everything in the same style.
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Technical description

Spectacular cuisine. Attract your gaze no matter where you look. In this case it is located in a modern setting with classic airs. However, it is a chameleon kitchen that can fit into any space.

The living room and kitchen space share the same design and the same harmony.

High and Low Furniture designed with a single blind door: P86 Pennsylvania combined with a lacquered wooden handle in the same nude gray color.

The P82 Epsilon Showcase door is in perfect harmony with the knotted oak wood brushstrokes, inside the cabinet, P018 Naoma doors in the "living" space and wall panel in the kitchen. Wood and its natural knots create a timeless style perfect for any environment.

White countertop that stands out and combines its different shades with the wood grain.

The interior lighting allows a perfect indirect light for any moment, it contains an integrated intensity regulation system to adapt to each situation. The glass used in the translucent Epsilon door with a light smoky color dilutes the light with a calming and cozy copper tone.  

Doors: Materials and Colors


Material: This door can be made in different materials but in this case the MT038 Oak Nudos has been used.
Colors: Three different colors for this material, from darker to lighter: BZ003RD, BZ011RD and BZ017RD


Material: This door is manufactured in two different materials: MT012 Normal Solid Oak and MT009 High Pressure Fiber.
Colors: In this case the door is lacquered with SD044 GRAY NUDE. In lacquers we offer all the color ranges, some are SD032, SD033, SD035, SD039, SD034, SD008 Red, SD010 Orange, SD037 Lemon, SD026 Dark Pistachio, SD020 Lilac, SD015 Eggplant ... among many others.


Material: Exclusively made of black aluminum.
Colors: Wide range of glasses for different styles. In this case we have placed a clear smoke glass: CT001 but there is also a dark CT002. Among other options we have large grille glasses CD035BR or smaller CD034BR.

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