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30 - Apr - 2023

Colaboración KG y RTVE1

Kitchen Grup, the leading company in the sector of custom kitchen manufacturing, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the RTVE1 production company in the new series that premieres on April 23rd with a double episode. In this series, viewers will be able to admire the kitchen that KG has created, a NOVA range kitchen with a contemporary style that incorporates the OXFORD door in oak wood with the BZ003RN color, as well as all the open and counter-top furniture in normal oak wood veneer.

The television series is about a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the center of Madrid, and how the kitchen team works hard to maintain its reputation and satisfy the most demanding customers.

The quality of Kitchen Grup's products is recognized, and their collaboration in this television series is further proof of their commitment to excellence. KG's customers and collaborators can be proud of the quality and design of the kitchen that will appear in the series, and of the contribution that the company has made to this television production.

At Kitchen Grup, we are delighted to have participated in this television series, and we hope that viewers enjoy the kitchen that we have created for this project. We commit to continue offering high-quality products and personalized design to meet the needs of our customers and collaborators at all times.

We invite you to enjoy this series that TVE1 has prepared with so much effort and in which KG has collaborated with great enthusiasm, starting this Sunday, April 23rd. You can also follow it from April 24th, Monday to Thursday, after the second edition of the news.

Instagram link: HERE RTVE1 link: HERE

Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1Colaboración KG y RTVE1
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