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16 - Nov - 2018

Kitchen Grup, in the magazine Hello!

It is a contemporary kitchen, built with a lacquered Naoma door and open furniture with sawn wood. Street gutter with a column space and an island with a gloss black top.

Integrated with different areas within the same floor, it has a personal style that blends perfectly with the dining room and living room.

The continued presence of KG products in the national media makes the entire team work with greater enthusiasm and dedication to offer the best and most exclusive to their customers.

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Open to the rest of the house

The kitchen opens its doors to integrate into the house, gain useful meters and transfer family life to it. To make it a success, the Kitchen Furniture Association (AMC) recommends' thinking well about aesthetics and using furniture with pure lines and natural materials, where minimalism prevails, together with unique tables and chairs, which provide a touch of originality to the room ”. Kitchen Grup proposal (

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Kitchen Grup