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21 - Dec - 2018

KG kitchens, benchmarks for the INFURMA International Habitat Portal

The International Habitat Portal, INFURMA, has chosen two spectacular Kitchen Grup kitchens to illustrate a comprehensive report entitled: Open Kitchens: Basic keys to keep in mind before embarking on the "Open Concept"

KG, a Spanish kitchen manufacturer, knows how the common area should adapt to the kitchen and not the other way around; totally takes care of the aesthetics; It shows efficiency and order with its products ... and all this thanks to the daily work of a great human and technical team.


It was born in 1995 with the aim of grouping and offering the incipient internet users of the time, a global vision of the furniture sector industry. A search engine that allows manufacturers from all over the world, mainly from the Hispanic market, to produce a certain product that the professional is looking for. Infurma, during all these years, has been growing, positioning itself in the network and expanding its services. Today, Infurma is an international benchmark within the habitat, contract and design industry.


Kitchen Grup