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17 - Jan - 2022

Expansion of the Kitchen Grup factory

Kitchen Grup has experienced exponential growth in recent years and therefore has seen the need to have another 5000m2 factory, fully automated, which leads to great energy savings, in addition to increasing the productive power and thus have greater agility in orders. The completion of the same is scheduled for next June.

The expansion of our facilities also includes the incorporation of new machinery, cutting edge in the world of furniture manufacturing, such as the automatic line of intelligent cutting warehouse and the machining line with vertical warehouse. Undoubtedly, a great investment for our company, in addition to the one already made a few months ago, a fifth axis machining centre that offers greater precision in complex jobs that require inclinations, maximum robustness, maintenance over time of high standards of precision and excellent finish even in the most severe machining phases.

Expansion of the Kitchen Grup factory
Kitchen Grup